History of the Pug

History of pugs

Let’s talk about pugs. There is a huge chance that you have either owned a pug, know someone that has one, or have happened to see one out and about. Pugs are extremely popular and have been for centuries. Pugs have had an interesting purpose throughout their lives and have even been royalty! 

If you would like to dive down into the history of pugs, then keep reading. There is a lot to learn about every bread, and eventually, we would look to give you information on your favorite breed! Let us know in the comments your favorite, so we know! 

Overview of the Pug

If you have never seen a pug, then you are in for a treat! The pug breed is known for its distinctive physical features. They have a cute curled trail, short snout, and wrinkled skin. They have a beautiful short coat, and they are bread in different colors like all black, fawn (tan), and there have even been silver, white, brindle, and merle. They have short thick little bodies with well-developed muscles that hide under their rolls!

They are a little dog with a big personality. They are playful and extremely affectionate. Pugs thrive on human companionship and have a great sense of humor. They are relatively lazy and do not require a lot of exercise, however, they love to eat and tend to deal with obesity issues. It is essential to feed a pug a proper diet and exercise them, so they maintain a healthy weight. They are considered the “ideal house dog” by many and get along great with children and other dogs. 

Pug History

Many may not realize, but pugs were bred initially to be lap dogs. Their main goal was to keep us company and give us companionship. The ancient breed of this dog carries its roots back all the way to 400 BC. Although the exact time frame and location of the beginning of this breed are not 100% known, the majority of historians do agree that the breed originated in China. When they were bred in China, they were bred for the wealthy to have as a companion. Throughout their timelines, they have always been people pleasers and have always been the ideal lap dogs. 

Their popularity started in China and then worked its way to Japan, then Russia, and then ended up in Europe. Throughout this travel, they remained loved by all, including royals. Pugs were not only loved by royalty but treated like royalty. Some pugs were bestowed titles of rankings! They were protected by guards as part of the family and very well taken care of. 

Pugs kept the company of Tibetan Buddhist monks in their monasteries, Chinese emperors and their families, as well as some famous names you may have heard of. If you have ever heard of the aunt of Russia’s Catherine the Great, she valued her pugs so much that her pugs attended church with her. Queen Victoria of England loved pugs so much. They were her favorite breed, and she had around 38 pugs during her lifetime! Prince William the Silent of Holland also loved pugs, he actually was saved from assassins while he was asleep because his pug alerted him. Thanks to this pug, pugs were the favorite breed of the Dutch Court. Pugs were also extremely popular with famous European artists like Reiagle, William Hogarth, and Goya. Pugs can be found throughout their paintings. 

What do you think?

As you can see, pugs are absolutely wonderful dogs. Don’t believe us? Just research history! They can be found all over social media, television, movies, and artwork. It is truly amazing to see how far these little creatures have come and just how easy their lives have been over time. 

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