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If you live in Newport Beach, you understand how sunny it can get and how often your pets will want to be outside and even go to the beach. Dog Emergencies can happen at any moment. There is a lot that goes on in Newport Beach, and there are always a lot of people. As much as we hate to think about it, pet accidents happen, and we need to be prepared for the day that it may happen to our pets.

Newport beach as a lot of fun to offer, so it is good that we are located so close! Our dog veterinarian in Newport Beach is conveniently located in case there is an emergency that may happen. There are many beaches nearby, and sometimes we have cases come in of dogs taking in too much ocean water and even getting heatstroke. These are not uncommon cases we see, but we are here to help if needed.

What do I do if I have a dog emergency in Newport Beach?

If you experience a dog emergency in Newport Beach, the first thing we ask you to do is remain calm. It can be a stressful situation, but remaining calm not helps you assess the situation but also helps your pet to remain calm. If you are on the beach, give us a call immediately and let us know the situation at hand. From there, we can recommend ways to help your pet remain stable when you drive to us. With your advanced call, we will be properly prepared to take your pet in when you get here.

When driving to our dog hospital in Newport Beach, remember to abide by traffic laws. The last thing needed in a high-stress situation is to injure yourself or your pet. You also do not want to be stopped and ticketed for speeding. If you get confused on how to get to us, give us a call, and we can guide you.

Are there ways I can prevent heatstroke?

Heatstroke can happen if it is a hot day out. There are ways to keep your pet cool so that they do not get overheated. Our dog veterinarian in Newport Beach recommends that you carry water on you at all times if you take your pet out on a hot day. This ensures that your pet will have constant access to water if they need it.

Too often, we hear about dogs being left in the car, even if it’s for a few minutes. Our dog hospital in Newport Beach wants to let you know that this is not ok. Never leave your pet unattended in a close car in the heat without any air. This situation is extremely life-threatening.

Please let us know if you ever have any questions. We are happy to assist you

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