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Avian Veterinary

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It’s hard to find the right people for the right job, which is why you can trust that the veterinarians at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital are here to help you when you need an avian emergency vet.  Avian medicine requires specialized knowledge, and our specialists can help you during those vet emergencies.

You should give us a call at 949-261-7979 and let us know you need to come to the emergency vet hospital to confirm what we can do for your pet.

Finding an Avian Vet

Pet owners who choose to have birds in their homes are not as common as, say, cats and dogs. Even fewer know that they should have their pets checked by a specialist avian veterinarian at least once a year, if not every 6 months. Avian medicine is a unique world, considering just how different bird anatomy and physiology can be from that of mammals.

Please keep in mind that, when it comes to veterinary care, time is of the essence, so getting in touch with our team to receive timely help is crucial. Make sure you get in touch with us to receive the help your pet needs.

How a Vet Checks Avian Patients?

Each specialist follows a different protocol based on their knowledge and experience, but we will very likely have to begin with some diagnostic tests to perform a general screening and ensure we’re not missing out on anything critical to your pet’s health.

Considering how stressful emergencies can be, we might have to lightly sedate your pet to make it possible to examine and treat your test.

X-rays help us take a closer look at your bird’s body for any abnormalities in the size or shape of its bones. Other resources also let us check their internal organs and screen for any disorders like tumors, fluid accumulation, or other concerns.

We may require a swab of the bird’s cavities to determine if there’s a presence of abnormal bacteria or fungi that could harm your pet. Depending on what we find, we might need additional tests to determine what’s the proper medical treatment they require.

Common Vet Emergency Services

Our avian vets are experts in animal care, and we continue to help several pet parents in Newport Beach with their required emergency care. We will provide you with high-quality emergency vet services when you need them most.

Pets, no matter their size or species, will react negatively to hurtful trauma. Please pay attention to changes in behavior, no matter how small, as they might signal the presence and existence of very concerning problems. We will check for broken bones, eye injuries, problems with the bird’s beak, and the inability to fully extend their wings.

Watch your avian pet closely and bring them in for frequent wellness exams to avoid the rise of complex health issues. When we identify signs of a disorder early on, we can help your pet live a happy and normal life.

  • Every pet owner has to be very careful of what their pets eat. There are many household foods and items that can disrupt your pet’s digestive system and cause severe problems. If you think your bird ingested anything that could harm them, give us a call and bring them in for proper care.


Avian Vet for Animal Emergencies in Newport Beach

We have great availability. Our office is open through the night, 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and every holiday of the year. You can trust us to be available when your avian pet needs us the most. 

Make sure you give us a call at 949-261-7979 to let our team know and prepare for your arrival. Our vets and technicians address will do everything they can to address your pet’s needs. We hope all is well with your avian pets, and we’ll gladly be on standby to help you out.

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital Newport Beach, CA