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If you are looking for the best care your pet can receive, we have to mention animal laser surgery in Newport Beach. Laser surgery is most certainly not new, but advancements in the technology enabling this treatment have made it a viable alternative and a great addition to the services any veterinarian can offer. Lasers are quite widespread nowadays, and their use in veterinary medicine offers many benefits to patients and medical specialists alike.

We can set lasers to a specific output, and we can specify how wide or how narrow it will be to operate on the focus area. The laser itself works on a simple principle: an emitter produces a beam of light that is capable of vaporizing organic tissue. The technology used is capable of vaporizing the tissues in the focus area while cauterizing around it. There are many reasons why a specialist might prefer animal laser surgery in Newport Beach to treat your pet. Three of the most important benefits include:

Reduced Bleeding

Because the laser cauterizes capillaries as it vaporizes tissue, there is a reduced risk of hemorrhages that result in serious complications. Because there is less blood in the operation area, the veterinary specialist enjoys higher visibility and can perform better during surgery.

Reduced Risk of Infection

We mentioned that the emitter produces a beam capable of vaporizing tissue, meaning that the high temperatures at which it operates are also capable of destroying harmful bacteria that may contaminate the area of operation and effectively sterilizing the area.

Quicker Recovery Times

As it cauterizes capillaries during surgery, it also cauterizes nerve endings. The result is less edema and pain. With a reduced feeling of pain and swelling following the surgery, any patient can enjoy a much faster post-operatory recovery process.

Pet laser surgery in Newport Beach enables veterinarian specialists to perform delicate procedures under more controlled conditions and at a lesser risk to the patient’s health. This technology even enables the specialist to remove small skin tumors without the need for general anesthesia. We can complete almost any operation on soft tissues like castration or neutering, or the removal of tumors located in various areas of your pet’s body.

Your veterinarian will always discuss with you if this is the right method to treat your beloved pet, and we will always focus on delivering the highest-quality treatment available to them. Make sure you get in contact with us to go over all the options for treatment available to your pet.

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