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Pet Toxicity Treatment in Newport Beach

We all know how our four-legged family members love to eat. However, sometimes they ingest things that are potentially hazardous.

There are a variety of household foods and items that can cause problems for your pet. Be aware of these substances, and protect your pet by keeping them out of their reach. If you suspect that your pet has consumed something toxic, contact us immediately. Here are some examples:


Animal toxicity in Newport Beach is a serious matter. There are many toxins that your pet can have enter their body. Toxins are harmful to our pets if you feel that your pet need toxicology testing, please call us immediately.

Toxicity testing on animals is used to test for various substances. These substances can include different types of drugs. Animal toxicity in Newport Beach is severe; if your pet has gotten into any medication, they must be seen immediately.

Animal toxicity in Newport Beach can be tested by blood. However, not all toxins can be seen through blood samples. Vets can use your pet’s blood to determine what toxins have entered your pet and what they got into that was toxic.

Animal toxicity treatment in Newport Beach can range depending on the toxin affecting your pet. There are antidotes for some poisons, but not all. Your pet will need to be treated right away to ensure that organs do not get severely affected.

Toxicity in a dog can happen when your pet gets into any doctor prescribed human medications. Pets are curious, and it happens very often. If your pet does get into medicine, there is animal toxicity treatment in Newport Beach. We are here to help.

Toxicity testing on animals is needed if your pet gets into medications, rat poison, or other harmful substances. Luckily, animal toxicity treatment in Newport Beach can help determine what your pet got into and then treat them.

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