Pocket Pets

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital

The team of specialists at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital is here to help you when you need it most. Not all vets take the required courses and certifications in veterinary school to focus on pocket pets, but you can trust our team to have the skills required to care properly for your pocket pet.

You should give us a call at 949-261-7979 to let us know you’re coming with a vet emergency to confirm what we can do for your pet.

What Is a Pocket Pet?

These small and pocket-sized animals are some of America’s most common household pets. Since they have shorter lifespans than cats or dogs, pet owners should take these small animals to the vet more often and make sure all is good.

You may have gotten your pocket pet from a breeder, pet store, or rescue shelter. Either way, we know you’ll love your companion. The most common pocket pets we treat here at our Emergency Animal Hospital are:

Does My Pocket Pet Have a Vet Emergency?

Thankfully, many of these emergencies have simple solutions, but you should always consult with a specialized veterinarian for the best quality care possible for your pocket pet. Some common issues include teeth and nail trimmings, parasites, skin conditions, and other, more complex, disorders, including cancer or tumors.

Bring your pocket pet to get the required parasite prevention, emergency medical attention, and more. Here, your pet will get the required bloodwork, x-rays, and any other treatment that helps examine what’s happening with them.

You won’t have as many emergencies if you:

Common Vet Emergency Services

Our vets are experts in animal care, but we are true specialists in proper emergency care. When it comes to common vet emergencies, we know how to provide care for these situations:

Pets, no matter their size, will react to hurtful trauma. Please pay attention to changes in behavior, no matter how small, as they may signal concerning problems. We will check for broken bones, distended abdomen, eye injuries, and inability to walk.

Watch your pocket pet closely and bring them in for yearly wellness exams to avoid the development of more complex health issues. Early recognition of a disorder will increase the odds of your pet living a happy and normal life.

Our pets love to eat, and they will take almost anything they can find to their mouths. There are many household foods and items that can cause trouble for your pet’s digestive system. If you think your pocket pet might have ingested anything to cause them harm, give us a call and bring them in for proper care.

Pocket Pet Vet For Animal Emergencies in Newport Beach

Our office is open through the night, 24 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and every holiday of the year. All in all, you can trust us to be available when your pet needs us the most. 

Make sure you give us a call at 949-261-7979 to prepare for your arrival and have our veterinarians and technicians address your pet’s needs. We hope all is well with your pocket pets, and we’ll gladly be on standby to help you out.