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Pet Trauma Treatment in Newport BeachAn emergency for pets in Newport Beach can be very obvious, such as a pet being hit by a car. However, other emergencies are much less specific, such as a pet just not acting normally. If you are concerned that your pet may be having an emergency that requires medical care, you should contact us immediately. If you are unsure if the problem could be serious, it is never wrong to have your pet examined. Below are a few of the most common symptoms and incidents that may indicate an emergency situation and require that your pet visit a trusted veterinary clinic:

Bite Wounds: Whether from other animals or wildlife, bite wounds can lead to serious infections and require immediate care to prevent complications.

Bites (including snake bites): Snake bites, particularly, can be life-threatening due to venom, necessitating prompt medical attention.

Broken Bones: Signs of fractures include limping, inability to move, or visible bone protrusions. Emergency treatment is crucial for pain relief and proper healing.

Burns: Burns can result from heat, chemicals, or electricity. Immediate treatment is necessary to prevent infection and promote healing.

Distended Abdomen: A swollen abdomen can indicate serious conditions like bloat, which is life-threatening and requires urgent care.

Hit By Car: Trauma from vehicle accidents often leads to internal injuries that may not be immediately obvious but are critical.

Excessive Bleeding: Uncontrolled severe bleeding, whether external or internal, is a clear sign of an emergency that needs immediate intervention.

Eye Injuries: Prompt treatment is necessary to prevent potential vision loss or further damage to the eye.

Heatstroke / Frostbite: Extremes in temperature can lead to critical conditions. Heatstroke and frostbite both require immediate veterinary care.

Inability To Walk: Sudden lameness or paralysis can be a sign of a serious underlying condition, such as spinal injury or neurological issues.

Breathing Problems: Difficulty breathing can indicate a range of emergencies, from choking to heart failure, and requires immediate attention.

Gagging or Choking: Immediate intervention is required to clear the airway and ensure proper breathing.

Unconsciousness: Any loss of consciousness indicates an emergency and requires immediate veterinary attention and critical care.

Expertise in Pet Trauma Care

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital specializes in providing immediate and comprehensive emergency service care for pets experiencing trauma. As a leading Newport Beach emergency veterinary hospital, our experienced veterinary staff is equipped to handle various traumatic injuries, from minor wounds to life-threatening conditions. We understand the urgency of pet trauma and are committed to delivering the highest level of care for your pet in their time of need.


Advanced Diagnostic and Treatment Options

Our hospital is equipped with advanced care diagnostic tools, including X-rays and ultrasound, to quickly assess your pet’s condition and determine the extent of its injuries. We offer various treatment options, including surgery, wound management, and pain relief, tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Our goal is to stabilize your pet, alleviate its pain, and promote its recovery.


Collaborative Approach to Trauma Care

We believe in a collaborative approach to pet trauma care, working closely with you, your primary veterinarian, and specialists when necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for your pet. Our animal hospital trauma services are designed to provide comprehensive support for your pet’s recovery. Our team will keep you informed every step of the way, providing updates on your pet’s condition and progress.


Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners

We encourage pet owners in Newport Beach to be prepared for pet emergencies. Familiarize yourself with common signs of pet trauma and have a plan in place, including our contact information and directions to our hospital. Quick action can make a significant difference in the outcome of a pet emergency.


Contact Us for Newport Beach Pet Emergency Care

If your pet experiences trauma or any emergency situation, contact Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital immediately. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the expert care and attention your pet needs during their critical moments. Trust us to be your partner in your pet’s health and well-being.


What is pet trauma?

An illness or an accident is considered an emergency and they are most of the time very obvious.  But there are a lot of hidden traumas that we might not see or identify immediately. If you are concerned that your pet may be having an emergency or for any pet trauma therapy Newport feel free to contact us

How do you treat a pet with trauma?

Pet trauma therapy Newport Beach is easy to treat once identified, we treat anything from Bite Wounds, Bites (including snake bites), Broken Bones, Burns, Distended Abdomen, Hit By Car, Excessive Bleeding, Eye Injuries, Heatstroke / Frostbite, Inability To Walk, Breathing Problems, Gagging, Choking, Unconsciousness and many more. Just schedule an appointment with us

Do animals recover from trauma?

Yes, they can recover. All animals that have gone through traumatic experiences need extra attention, our love and patience, and as much care as possible so they can start healing and begin to be themselves again. Our team of experts will make sure that all treatment of injured animals will be safe and secured for the affected pets.

Can animals experience trauma?

Yes, trauma is an important health danger for animals. There are many reasons why a traumatic event happened and how it affected your pet (cause of injury, location, etc.). Our Newport Beach pet trauma therapy team will make sure to provide your pet with an immediate evaluation and a proper diagnosis that will treat, cure, and prevent future problems.

How long does it take for dogs/cats to recover from shock/trauma exposure?

It varies. In cases of sudden attacks, natural disasters (Earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.) and other types of emotional trauma it will all depend on how severe a trauma is and how long the pet has been exposed to It. If we have prolonged exposure it might take up to days, weeks versus a few minutes if it was a short amount of time. Our experts will need to see your pet in order to give a proper diagnosis of how much shock was inflicted and the severity of it. Please, contact us for further information

How do pets help with trauma?

Pets are great companions in any situation, and they can definitely help us with trauma. Just by merely petting, cuddling, or playing with our pets, we can obtain great soothing effects. Even if the animal is not a trained pet, their company will have that special calming effect that a person with trauma can benefit from.

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