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Welcome to Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital – Your Trusted Newport Beach Veterinarian

The veterinarians at the Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital are highly trained and have extensive experience treating a wide range of veterinary and animal emergencies. We have a doctor on premises at all times during the hours of operation to help you and your pets.

The Best Vets Newport Beach Has

Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital is the premier emergency veterinary center serving pet owners and primary-care veterinarians in Newport Beach, Irvine, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Fountain Valley, Laguna, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Garden Grove, Tustin, Santa Ana, Newport Coast, and Orange County.

Why Choose Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital?

We’ve been helping many pet owners and are well-known in Orange County, CA for our Advanced Patient Care, using Surgical Laser, LigaSure, Video & Capsule Endoscopy, Laparoscopy, Fluoroscopy, and state-of-art Volume or Pressure controlled Ventilators.

We welcome all pet owners to our Newport Beach Animal Hospital. Our veterinarians are committed to helping you through your pet’s veterinary emergencies and providing you with the highest level of care.

If you are experiencing an animal emergency, please get in touch with your preferred veterinarian or check this link here to get directions to our Emergency Hospital.

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Emergency Veterinarian Services in Newport Beach

When a veterinary emergency strikes, you need qualified help FAST! We are a Newport Beach Animal Hospital dedicated to helping your pets during vet emergencies. Common emergencies include traumatic injuries, lacerations, open wounds, and poisoning.

You should keep browsing our website for more information on what to do during an emergency. If you suspect your pet’s life is at risk, you should immediately seek professional help. Still, we have prepared a lot of information to help pet owners prepare before their pets have an accident.

Keep a first aid kit handy at all times and learn to identify the symptoms of a veterinary emergency. Communication is always difficult with a pet, but paying close attention to their behavioral changes can tell you a lot about their health.

Make sure to swing by our Blogs to learn more about what you should do to care for your pet during these emergencies.

If your dog requires emergency care, make sure to give us a call at 949-261-7979 to let us know you are coming and give us some time to prepare and provide your pet with the care you need.


Reviews by our satisfied customers

This place is the most genuine place that I have ever received animal services from. I would highly recommend it for anyone dealing with any type of pet issues
Adam S.
Newport Beach, CA
I can't thank Central OC ER enough for taking excellent care of my fur baby! She had a large dense mass that had me very concerned. They were so kind and compassionate.
Christina K.
Irvine, CA
They took good care of my cat, Audio, and it was affordable. They even faxed her records over to my regular vet. Good people, glad they were around.
James T.
Laguna Beach, CA

Here at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital, we are incredibly proud of our specialists. Our veterinarians work tirelessly to help our patients when they need us the most.

Caring for a frightened pet during late-night hours is no easy task, but our staff and specialists share in their dedication to help and their love for your pet.

Our COCEAH family is thrilled to help all our local friends looking for a Newport Beach Animal Hospital. Still, even if you are coming a bit far away, all who look for excellent veterinary care are welcome. We’re here for those who couldn’t find late-night veterinarians available. You can count on our highly-qualified veterinarians to provide your pet with the best care possible.

Browse our website to learn more about the crew dedicated to helping your lovely pet.


What is the role of a veterinarian in Newport Beach?

The role of a Newport Beach veterinarian is to safeguard the physical condition and wellbeing of animals and help owners and all humans understand and care for them. Veterinarians are medical professionals who diagnose and control animal diseases and treat injured animals.

What are the duties of a veterinarian?

A Newport Beach Veterinarian will examine animals to diagnose their health problems. They can also perform surgeries, take necessary x-rays, treat injuries/wounds, vaccinate, provide owners with a diagnosis, and prescribe medication for their pets.

When should you take your pet to an emergency vet in Newport Beach?

If your pet went through trauma or an incident you consider severe or alarming, do not hesitate and take your pet to a Newport Beach emergency vet. Check if you see any of the following signs: unconsciousness, disorientation, pale color, difficulty to stand or breathe, open wounds, seizures, bleeding, vomiting, not eating, bloating, extreme pain, or shaking. More often than not, you should just follow your gut and call us immediately when you think something is wrong with your pet.

Can you call an emergency vet for advice?

You can always call us if you need a Newport Beach emergency vet. Our clinic offers emergency services through the night and on every holiday. We know that accidents and emergencies are unpredictable, and we provide emergency care during non-business hours, 6 PM – 8 AM, Monday through Friday.

What is an animal doctor in Newport Beach called?

A Newport Beach animal doctor is called a veterinarian, a veterinary surgeon, a veterinary physician, or just a Vet. All our vets are professionals who practice veterinary medicine by curing/treating animal injuries, diseases, or disorders.

What does an animal doctor do?

In short, a Newport Beach animal doctor, also known as a Veterinary or a Vet, will diagnose, treat, and care for animals. They will explain to pet owners what is afflicting their pets while providing any required care and medications.

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