Newport Beach Veterinary Hospital: Cat Adoptions

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Newport Beach veterinary hospital wants to talk to you about cat adoptions. If you are in the market for a new cat friend, then we would like to suggest possibly looking into adoption! There are so many cats that need forever homes and long-lasting love. It is quite shocking how many cats need homes. We wanted to see for ourselves just how many kitties needed homes, so we did a google search. 


If you go on and look for cats in the Orange area, you will be in shock of how many cats need a home! There are around 11,000 cats near Orange that need a loving forever home. Do not be discouraged if you are only interested in getting a kitten, and there are kittens listed on the website as well! There are always kittens, adults, and elderly cats looking to be adopted. You can be sure to find the exact age, sex, and type of cat you are looking for. 


Check out a rescue!

If you are unsure if a cat will be perfect for your home and living situation, our Newport Beach veterinary hospital recommends going to a rescue. Rescues are pros at being able to match you with your purr-fect cat match! Rescues make it their mission to place their cats with the right home, so that way, the adoption goes well, and the cat is loved for the rest of their lives in the same household.


Rescues use applications, and a screening process to see if your living situation is a correct fit for certain cats. Different cats have different needs. Particular cats need to be alone or have special needs. This screening process makes sure that you can care for your cat and to see if you have other pets and a safe home.  


Another positive to rescues is that different rescues can be breed or size-specific! Some rescues are focused on small or large cats, and others are maybe specific to breeds like Persians, or Sphynx cats. Some rescues will take in all types of cats, so if you want a mixed breed, they are also easy to find. 


Cats in need of homes are of all ages and may have previously had training in their previous home. This means that some cats can already be trained for a home. If you want to adopt but cannot put the time into training a kitten, then a trained adult cat could be the option for you. Also, rescues typically place their cats in foster homes. In these foster homes, cats can be socialized with other cats or dogs or even children to make them more easily adoptable. 


Myths about adoption

There are a lot of myths or stories that give the pets up for adoption a bad reputation. Some believe that pets are being dropped off at rescues or shelters because they are misbehaving, cannot be trained, damaged, or there is something wrong with them. This is not the case! 


Cats can be given up for several reasons, and these reasons are not their fault! It is common for owners to give up their pets because they can no longer afford the financial requirements to keep them. Another big reason animals get taken to shelters or rescues is because their owner or someone in the family has died, and it caused a change in the family situation. Another reason is that people get a pet and then realize how much time and attention these pets need. They cannot give the pet what they need and decide to drop them off.


Lastly, pets can accidentally get out of their homes all the time and become lost. They can end up miles and miles away from their beloved homes and may not be found by their original owner if they do not have the proper identification or microchips. Shelters and rescues have so many loving cats in them that are perfectly adoptable and ready to be loved by you. Our Newport Beach veterinary hospital wants to put an end to bad myths about adoptable cats. 


What do you think?

Pet adoption can be the perfect way to find your perfect cat match. A match made in heaven if you will! There are so many beautiful babies waiting for their perfect human to scoop them up! If you have recently adopted a cat, then we congratulate you! If you are in the Orange area and ever experience any complication regarding your pet’s health, please do not hesitate to come into our Newport Beach veterinary hospital and have them seen. 


We hope you enjoyed our Newport Beach veterinary hospital blog about cat adoptions! If you have a cat and experience an emergency, you can be seen by our vet, and we would be able to help you at Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital. Our emergency vets are here to treat your pets and keep them safe. Give us a call if you need veterinary care anytime.