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Dental health problems make pet dentistry in Newport Beach a must. It is regrettable, but many pets suffer from severe cases of periodontal disease, and they go unnoticed by their owners. Many animal patients are highly resilient and do not show symptoms or discomfort when undergoing periodontal disease. There have been recorded cases where animal patients arrive in the office of the veterinarian with severely degraded teeth and without changing their feeding habits; furthermore, some patients have seemingly fine teeth, but upon inspection, we discover concerning symptoms of dental disease.

Your pet can suffer a lot from dental disease, and because they are not easily detected, it is up to the pet’s family and veterinarian to provide proper care. Most pet owners seek animal dentistry in Newport Beach following the examination performed by a general veterinarian. A veterinary dental specialist works with general veterinarians to provide appropriate care to your pet. To become a certified dental specialist, a veterinarian must undergo additional training, complete internships, and residencies. They are qualified to perform certain procedures that other veterinarians may not.

Pet dentistry in Newport Beach can provide you with services for advanced dental extractions, root canal therapy, and general cleanings under anesthesia. We cannot stress this enough, periodontal disease is one of the most common problems for pets, and they are also one of the most overlooked health conditions. You must check for symptoms of dental diseases if you want to preserve your pet’s good health. Loss of appetite can be one such indicator of dental health complications, if your pets are no longer feeling like themselves and they are not eating as much as they used to, it may be due to a feeling of pain when they chew their food. Red or swollen gums are also indicative of periodontal disease, and you can be certain that the risk of dental decay and infection is still as high as with any other person even if the formation of cavities in other species is not the same as the case with humans.

There are many things you can try at home to prevent the decay of your beloved pet’s teeth, but once there is a buildup of plaque or the development of infection, it is of the utmost importance you visit your general veterinarian or seek animal dentistry in Newport Beach with us. We will gladly examine the dental structures of your pet, take the necessary imaging, and provide them with the best care we can give them to restore their dental health. So if you suspect your teeth may require a revision, or if they have a dental emergency, do not hesitate to come with us. Give us a call ahead and we will prepare everything your pet may need on arrival.


Animal Dentists in Newport Beach are called Veterinary Dentists. These specialists are veterinarians who have completed a formal training program in veterinary dentistry.

Yes, veterinary dentists perform routine examinations and teeth cleaning procedures with your dog under anesthesia. Some vets may choose to use a pre-anesthetic to detect any issues.

Of Course, Animal dentists in Newport Beach are simply called Veterinary Dentists.

All surgeries have risks; that’s why it’s important to research and talk with your veterinarian before scheduling your dog’s surgery.

Standard animal dental surgery in Newport Beach takes anywhere from 45 to 75 minutes for a regular cleaning depending on the amount of tartar on your pet’s teeth, the dental disease present, and the number of dental x-rays that need to be taken. However, Dental extraction procedures typically take anywhere from 1 to 2 and a half hours.

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Your consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team and our premier emergency veterinary center.

Your consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team and our premier emergency veterinary center.

Your consultation will give you the opportunity to meet our team and our premier emergency veterinary center.

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