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Newport Beach is a beautiful place to call home. The ocean is blue, the weather is sunny, and the dogs are ready to take on the beaches. Year-round, the weather is perfect for frolicking on the beach with your furry best friend. Newport Beach is usually pretty sunny, and there are individual dogs that may not be able to adapt to hot weather, just like there are dogs who are not big fans of water.

Many people want beautiful snow dogs but live in warm sunny places like Southern California or Florida. It is common for people to want dogs who do not quite fit their home climate or environment. Getting these dogs may not be the best decision if you are not able to take precautions and make smart decisions to make your dog comfortable. If you are in the market for a new furry friend, we have quite the list of breeds that are either perfect for hot weather, or great water dogs for the Newport Beach area.

Best Dogs For The Beach

We wanted to provide you with a list of dogs that were perfect Newport Beach dogs. These dogs love water and will be happy to travel with you for a beautiful day on the sand or in the ocean. 

Irish Water Spaniel:

  • These dogs originally come from Europe, and their coat is water-proof. This breed is very energetic and was meant for hunting or waterfowl. They naturally love water and playtime! 

Portuguese Water Dog:

  • In Portuguese, these dogs are called dogs of water. Their coats can be either curly or wavy or even mixed. They must be groomed often because the hair that grows around their eyes can hinder their vision if it becomes too long. 


  • These dogs are very distinct and also have webbed feet that make it easy for them to swim. They have coats that are thick and double-layered so that they can handle extremely cold water. However, they are considered to be endangered, with only around 600 of them left around the world. 


  • This breed is a great beach companion. They have webbed feet, so they are great swimmers. They also have a double-layered coat, so they are also ideal for water rescue operations. 

Boykin Spaniel:

  • Depending on the climate, this breed will need grooming and trimming. Newport Beach tends to be on the warmer side, so it would be smart to trim your dog pretty frequently. This breed loves to socialize and can adapt to any situation. They love water and are informally referred to as a cousin of the American water spaniel.

Best Dogs for Hot Weather

This list had breeds on it that thrive in the hot weather. Newport Beach does get pretty warm throughout the year, so these dogs are great companions. We also realize that not everyone makes it to the beach frequently because traffic and large crowds can be a pain. If you happen to go to a dog park in Newport Beach, these dogs will be more than happy to tag along.

German Shorthaired Pointer:

  • This breed is excellent for joining you on a run during a warm summer’s day. They were bred for water retrieving and have a water-resistant coat! This coat also helps them regulate temperature. 

Border Collie:

  • This breed needs a lot of playtime and great weather to run around in. They love running and socializing at the park, and even going to warm weather runs around town. If you are interested in frisbee, this breed is more than happy to be your partner. 

Australian Cattle Dog:

  • This breed is perfect for outdoors lovers, Newport Beach isn’t too far from some fantastic hiking spots. This breed has high energy, which makes them ideal for hiking. Even though they are very active, remember to provide them with plenty of water, and some relaxing time in the shade.

Airedale Terrier:

  • The Airedale terrier is a larger breed of terrier, and they require a lot of exercise and playtime. They would enjoy running around in the woods, your yard, a park, and even a beach. Their coats allow them to adapt to both hot and cold climates. For warm weather, give them a trim, for the cold, let their hair grow out. 

American Foxhound:

  • This breed will enjoy a nice walk or two around Newport Beach. If you are going to play and go outside during hot sunny days, avoid the hottest times of the day so your dog does not overheat. Their coats are short and allow the breed to keep cool when it is hot.  

Best of Both Worlds

These breeds thrive in both water and hot weather! This list has the dogs that are a better fit for the Newport Beach area or any beachy area you may live in. 

American Water Spaniel:

  • They enjoy a good swim, and their coats have a water-resistant curl that allows them to dry fast. They are specifically used for hunting and fishing in Wisconsin but make a great transition into being ocean dogs because they require a lot of physical exercises. They are perfect for warmer climates and love hot days. 

Chesapeake Bay Retriever:

  • These dogs are meant more to be in the water than on land. They have webbed feet to prove it! They can swim in cold water, rough water, and deep water. They are perfect companions for the beach and are quite intelligent. 

Labrador Retriever:

  • A lab is a very popular breed throughout the United States. They are friendly and loyal, as well as great in the water. They love being around people so a crowded beach is no issue for a lab. This dog can handle both cold and hot temperatures and will be happy to roll in snow or sand.

Golden Retriever:

  • Just like a lab, these dogs are also extremely popular in the United States. They love water and are sweet and active. Their physical build helps them swim through it comfortably. Goldens need a lot of exercises, runs on the beach, or even a game of frisbee in the summer is perfect for this breed. 

Great Dane:

  • Great Danes are the perfect breeds if you love the sun and the water. These dogs love the sun and can handle hot days with ease. They do love water, but they are not as likely as a lab to hop straight in, they will get their feet wet though!

We hope you enjoyed our list of breeds that are perfect for the Newport Beach area. Whatever your choice of breed is, remember it is essential to take exceptional care of them and provide them with lots of exercises. If you have any questions regarding your pet, please feel free to give a call to our veterinarian in Newport Beach. If you would like to make an appointment, you can visit our Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital website.

Picture of Young Joo Kim, DVM, MS

Young Joo Kim, DVM, MS

Dr. Kim received his DVM degree from Seoul National University, College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. He also earned a M.S. degree from the same school in Veterinary Anatomy and Histology.

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Picture of Young Joo Kim, DVM, MS

Young Joo Kim, DVM, MS

Dr. Kim received his DVM degree from Seoul National University, College of Veterinary Medicine, one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. He also earned a M.S. degree from the same school in Veterinary Anatomy and Histology.

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