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Pet Doctor Newport Beach

Pet Doctor in Newport Beach

Your faithful companion deserves the care of the very best pet doctor in Newport Beach. At the Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital, we can ensure precisely the kind of care, attention, and high-quality treatment

History of pugs - veterinarian Newport Beach

History of the Pug

All About That Pug Let’s talk about pugs. The odds you have either owned a pug, know someone with one, or happened to see one out and about are considerable. Pugs are extremely popular now

dog boarding Whittier

Boarding in Whittier

Veterinarian Whittier Going out of town or going on a trip is bound to happen. It can be easy to find a sitter for the children, but it can be challenging to find someone to

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Can my dog or cat play video games?

Dog Playing Video Games People aren’t the only ones playing video games these days. Plenty of dogs and cats are spending hours catching virtual fish or playing complicated memory games. Although your pet may enjoy