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Central Orange County Emergency Animal Hospital (COCEAH) is proudly servicing our neighbors in Irvine and their wonderful pets. We are among the best Irvine animal hospitals and are conveniently located just a few minutes from Jamboree Rd, between Bristol St. and Campus Dr. near John’s Wayne Airport.

We are here for you if you are looking for a good Irvine animal hospital with highly trained and licensed veterinarians and staff. Our doctors and personnel are skilled and experienced in a wide range of animal emergencies and we will make sure that your pet is properly diagnosed and treated.

Choosing a good Irvine animal hospital is not easy, so we invite you to check our site and reviews to see for yourself the quality of our services. You will find several veterinarians in Irvine, CA. Still, we guarantee that COCEAH’s superior working standards, advanced technology equipment, variety of treatments and highly certified, trained, and registered staff will give you the ease of mind needed when someone is treating your beloved pet in a time of need. We also count on great services at affordable prices. Your friends from COCEAH want to ensure that -above all your pets are receiving the care and proper services they need.

Irvine animal hospital

Your Veterinarians in Irvine, CA


Reviews by our satisfied customers

This place is the most genuine place that I have ever received animal services from. I would highly recommend it for anyone dealing with any type of pet issues
Adam S.
Newport Beach, CA
I can't thank Central OC ER enough for taking excellent care of my fur baby! She had a large dense mass that had me very concerned. They were so kind and compassionate.
Christina K.
Irvine, CA
They took good care of my cat, Audio, and it was affordable. They even faxed her records over to my regular vet. Good people, glad they were around.y: Montserrat, sans-serif;">
James T.
Laguna Beach, CA


Should you visit your hospitalized pet in Irvine?

Yes! Always visit your hospitalized pet in an Irvine pet hospital when and if permitted by your veterinarian.

What does pet insurance actually cover in Irvine?

What does pet insurance actually cover in Irvine?

Is an Irvine animal hospital the same as a vet?

Our 24-hour Animal Hospital in Irvine is not the same as a vet. We offer the most technologically advanced veterinary center with the best distinguished and experienced veterinarians. We are a 24/7 emergency veterinary facility that treats a wide variety of emergencies, and we have a doctor on-site at all times.

Why are vet visits so expensive?

Visits to the vet or an emergency vet in Irvine can be expensive; however, the cost depends on the procedure the vet needs to perform on your pet. At our hospital, our staff will be happy to provide budgets for your pet’s treatment.

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