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Finding a good animal hospital that will give you quality Veterinary X-Rays and Veterinary Ultrasounds in Newport Beach has never been so easy! 

When talking about proper diagnostic tools Ultrasounds and X-Ray Images are at the top of the list. There are many different problems that can cause similar symptoms when your pet is sick and using Veterinary X-Rays and Veterinary Ultrasounds are the best non-invasive and painless techniques to be used.

Why are Veterinary X-Rays and Veterinary Ultrasound needed?

Both procedures will let your veterinarian see your pet’s internal organs without invasive examinations, and they will help greatly in reaching a proper diagnosis. The ultrasound will allow the doctor to see your pet’s internal organs (how the organs function and their blood flow), all in real-time and from different views, while the X-rays will take images (from a skeletal structure and composition point of view) that will be promptly analyzed

Veterinary X Rays and Ultrasound Newport Beach

Are The Procedures Painful?

Veterinary X-Rays and Veterinary Ultrasound are painless procedures, but some pets might be particularly anxious or stressed and will require sedation, especially if the images needed require an uncomfortable position.

Veterinary Ultrasound in detail

As we mentioned above the procedure is done in real time for a better viewing of your pet’s organs from different angles. Through the ultrasound, the organs functioning, and blood flow will be observed, and the doctor/technician will be able to determine if there are any anomalies or malfunctioning. The procedure takes 30 to 60 minutes., where a small probe that radiates digital sound waves is used to scan your pet’s internal organs, the images will be digitally saved for further analysis. The Veterinary Ultrasound is great for determining the cause of a problem and the reason why your pet is in pain.

Veterinary X-rays in Detail

For this procedure, the technician positions the x-ray machine only on the affected area of the pet’s body. The radiation emitted by the machine is completely safe for your pet, and as these are static images the procedure timing is considerably shorter.

As in the veterinary ultrasound, the veterinary X-rays are digitally saved for further examinations


Veterinary X-Rays and Veterinary Ultrasounds are great painless modern procedures that help the doctor reach a proper diagnosis or that might discover the need for further investigation. In a short amount of time, a prognosis can be determined in the least invasive way. 

Veterinary X-rays and Veterinary Ultrasound in Newport Beach have never been easier, faster, and more accurate. If you think that your pet might be experiencing some internal issues or is injured, do not hesitate to contact us directly or you can always schedule an online appointment with our veterinarian in Newport Beach; we will be there for you.

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